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re-usable bags - helping you while helping the planet.

Exciting news from fresh mesh sales! We've decided to offer the bags individually as well as in sets, so you can choose the bags that suit your needs. We are able to take payments via Paypal, giving you the ability to pay using PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. To purchase please go to our online order page

These brightly coloured mesh bags are strong, washable, re-usable, and adaptable.
Perfectly designed to carry your fruit and vegetables from the market shelves to the checkout and home to your fridge.
Ethically made, fresh mesh bags are washable, reusable and lightweight. The set of four colour-coded bags is designed so that the three larger bags slip easily into the smallest for easy storage and carrying. The fabric is a large-holed mesh that allows market assistants to easily identify the product inside.
Once you have a set of fresh mesh bags you’ll soon come up with a range of uses such as lunch bags, beach bags, drying salad leaves and storing craft items. For more hints and ideas check out our suggestions page.

Buying fresh mesh bags is easy as we are able to process online orders using PayPal. To purchase your sets of fresh mesh bags please go to our online order page

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Set of 4 bags Blue bag with cauliflower and lettuce yellow bag with oranges Red bag with grapes


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