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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions for us, please email and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.

Q. How strong are they?
After many mesh trials we have are now using a very strong mesh, the kind that is often used on sports bags, for carrying things like basketballs. The already strong stitching has been re-inforced at the drawstring entry for extra toughness. The largest bag has no seam on the bottom edge to allow for the extra load.

Q. How much will my bags hold?
A. We can’t specify an exact weight or capacity but suggest the following as a rough guide. In general we find they hold more than you expect!
Blue bag - 2 lettuces; about 2kg potatoes/cauliflower; 14 bananas
Yellow bag - 7 oranges
Red bag - 6 peaches/3sweet potatoes
Orange bag - several cloves garlic,knobs of ginger; 25 chestnuts - yum!; 2 avocados

Q. How should I wash the Fresh Mesh bags?
A. Either in the sink with the dishes, by hand or in the washing machine.

Q. Won't the fruit fall out?
The cloth label on the bags slides down to help hold the bags closed.

Q. What about the weight at the scales?
A. The weight is negligible so doesn’t need to be counted.

Q. Will the mesh damage soft fruit?
A. No. It's very strong but still soft.

Q. Don’t some foods need a plastic bag in the fridge?
A. If the Fresh Mesh bag is not suitable you may need to use a reusable plastic container for some items. Try using plastic wrappers from newspapers/mailed magazines etc.


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