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Why use fresh mesh bags?

Fresh suggestions for fresh mesh bags

The more we use them, the more things we find to use them for! We are sure you'll find the same and we'd love to hear what you come up with. Please share your ideas and photos by emailing us and help us to get to 100!

Thanks to all the folks who gave us ideas at the markets!

Some suggestions so far....

  1. Buying fruit & veg at the market or supermarket
  2. Buying nuts, pulses, popcorn, pasta etc at the co-op or grower’s markets
  3. Smallest bag to hold keys and licence together in swim bag.
  4. Rinsing strawberries, mushrooms etc.
  5. Storing loose veges in fridge.
  6. Holding embroidery thread/cotton.
  7. Take camping to organise food supplies [no weight]
  8. Separating socks, undies in suitcase/backpack [easy to locate, no weight.]
  9. Storing bulbs in fridge/shed
  10. Use as a marble bag
  11. Store games pieces, especially for carrying.
  12. Don’t waste end scraps of soap. Hang/store/use in bag. (great for camping!)
  13. Use to hold clothes pegs.
  14. Hold hair ties.
  15. Keep table tennis balls (loop the bag onto the table for easy storage)
  16. Storing children's toys - no worries about the danger from plastic bags!
  17. Keeping bath toys - hang them on the tap so they can drain over the tub.
  18. Hang your soap in the bath or shower - no fishing round the bottom of the bath!

Some more unusual ideas - but we know they're real!

  1. Wash rocks for a fish tank.
  2. Over the end of a hose to prevent debris getting into a pump.


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