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Why use fresh mesh bags?

Why use fresh mesh bags?

Kai's story.....

I think it was a magazine that gave my mother the idea to sew up some draw string tulle bags to buy fruit and vegetables in. She’s very environmentally conscious; I guess my whole family is, so it seemed a great idea to reduce the plastic use in our lives. When I saw the idea I immediately made some of my own, and then some for Christmas presents that year. My brother and I filled them with summer fruits and lollies and they seemed a big hit – everyone who saw this simple creation loved them.

My auntie was studying graphic design at the time and for one of her assignments she created the fresh mesh logo – the branding concept for what she believed should be a product available in all shops. My father works overseas doing post-disaster aid work and when he came back for a holiday, he believed in the bags too. He organised to have the bags sewn in bulk by a network of women rebuilding their lives after the tsunami and earthquakes. Some of these women have disabilities, some lost their husbands and families and many had to relearn a skill after their livelihoods were shattered.

So our family collection including myself, my mother, auntie and grandmother have been getting together for some months now to refine the product. We have had numerous teleconferences with my father, with the makers overseas and so much input from everyone we know. Now we have a product that is strong, colour-coded for size and includes a label that ingeniously slides to close the bags.

I believe the world needs to curb its use of disposables and we need to change our attitude about the things we consume. The abundance of green bags in use in Australia show how much this is possible. With fresh mesh bags we can eliminate the need for another set of plastic disposable bags in the fruit and vegetable aisles.

Fresh mesh bags are a product that I believe in. They would not be here if it weren’t for the support of my family who saw the product and also believed in it. Each day I am continually surprised by the assistance and encouragement we get from everyone we encounter. I really hope that you find the bags as useful in your lives as they have been in ours.

Kai Hodgkin
Co-owner fresh mesh


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